He blocked my way.

I should've let her go fishing.


Pardon me for interrupting you.


There was a smash-up out on Route 66 today.

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I made it plain that the situation was unfavourable to us.

Robin didn't have the time.

I don't know anything about him except what you told me.

He plays baseball after school.

They need our help.


I'll give you five dollars.

I often listened to him playing the melody on the trumpet.

Irfan was sitting next to me.

July 2016 was the hottest month on record.

I had some problems to take care of.

Look, Blair, I'm tired of playing games.

She's a ghost writer.

I'm going hunting.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning.

Will you support me?

Jaime certainly knew his life was in danger.

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We need some volunteers.

Don't let Renu know about this.

He brought forward a strong objection to my proposal.


The story goes that she was murdered.

Don't do this to yourself.

You must read between the lines.

I thought Pantelis was your girlfriend.

Samuel was wearing an old t-shirt with holes in it.

This building is extremely large.

I'd like to stay here with them.

She is an avid reader.

I don't know whether he will come or not.

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Calvin can't afford the time to visit Japan.

You're the only person that I can trust.

We suffered a lot together.


Why did you lie to them?


I hope you know what you're getting us into.


The party won't start until he shows up.


If you have a minute, I'd like to talk to you about some problems.

I was in the right place at the right time.

Sooner or later, he will run out of luck.


I slept all day.

They were forgotten.

Does he need to help her?

Why should I hire you?

The merest mention of his name made her angry.

Little did he know what was waiting to happen mere hours later...

Don't leave things half done.

It will be one year before I see you again.

They finished building the bridge on time.

In case of an emergency, call the police.

This place gives me a really bad vibe.

We accepted his invitation.

The birds settled on the branches.

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Revised had a plan.

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One professor says that even if Alex is using words, it's wrong to call it a language.

She acted like she didn't know anything.

You've got to hide.

Mats placed a phone call to his girlfriend.

She's waiting.


Then I'd take the nickel out.


What time did you get up this morning?

Take this, you bastard!

I haven't found a good place to pitch our tent yet.


He was accused of squandering public funds.

What have you got for me?

It would be good to sleep, even for just a little bit.

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I spent hours reading books.


Sigurd has excellent taste.

Which do you like better, Boston or Chicago?

I'm going shopping this afternoon, although I don't have much money.

I was right.

All the students of the university have access to the university library.


He's a bird watcher.

The deal fell apart at the last minute.

She went on to lay out two more parks in the town.

Thank you for making the arrangements.

Pria was unable to decide who he should vote for.

He is certain to win the game.

I got the information from him directly.


Ernest's comments are accurate.

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How many times have I told you guys to stay out of my room?

If one plays good music, people don't listen and if one plays bad music people don't talk.

Why is she so nice to me?

My dad won't let me go out with Van.

My wife is three years younger than I am.


Once you've formed a bad habit, you can't get rid of it easily.

This product is made in Italy.

This is a small book.

The moon lit the room.

Niels helped himself to a cup of coffee.

Sweet words bring the snake out of its hole.

If there's one thing I don't compromise on, it's coffee.


I'm already wet!

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Tidying up is great, but it has the downside that one can never find anything afterwards!

I am a French doctor.

Fred won't be going back to Boston after this, will he?


I agree in principle.


Let's go fishing.


It has just started to snow in Vicenza.

I think Gill would like the way you decorated this room.

French isn't difficult to learn.

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These mittens keep my hands warm.

I don't think I've seen you before.

This hospital is run by the city.

Avoid opening the window; I have no great desire to feel air currents on my back.

I was in charge.

We don't need to fight.

Politicians are called whores because they listen to people who don't agree with us.

Old broke up with Tricia.

I knew you'd want to go to the dance with Grace.


Have you eaten your lunch yet?


Science is based on very careful observations.

We know what it feels like.

Her Majesty is waiting.


She was horrified.


I found out whose car went off the road.

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Smoking is a danger to your health.

I don't understand why anyone would do that.

That's altogether wrong.

What questions did Torsten ask you?

It will grow old.


I've never seen Edmond as happy as he was with Brett.

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There's something I have to do before Randell gets here.

Dana will be back from Boston tomorrow.

I'm afraid I can't save you this time.

That's not for me to say.

Alexis doesn't know why Shatter didn't come to the party.


How about waiting here until he gets back?


I will prescribe a febrifuge to you.


Rees wanted information.


Is this restaurant open?

We have to stop him.

He has a crush on Justin Trudeau.

Do you need any more help?

I did my best to make friends with him.

I never would've shot you.

I highly doubt Bertrand knows any French.


This squid is five quids.

Something's happening on Park Street.

Hurry up and finish whatever the hell you're doing in there!

She attends school at night.

The ship sails for Honolulu tomorrow.

We wanted it.

The atheist prayed to a God he didn't believe in.

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I'd buy it.

How is her surname pronounced?

Someone tried to break in.


Kanazawa is a quiet city.

In this world, rules of conduct prevail that differ from what is accepted in public life.

Philip gave police a firsthand account of what had happened.

I'm glad I don't have anywhere to go.

I have a nosebleed.

I no longer live in Boston.

The police are questioning him.

Many fear that cuts in the defense budget will undermine the military's effectiveness.

I thought you were hungry.